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XADR Slim mobile sharpener

XADR Slim mobile sharpener

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The XADR SLIM is your reliable companion for razor-sharp blades at all times. After each use of your pocket knife, all you have to do is gently pull the blade over the sharpening rod a few times - and it is perfectly sharpened again. This quick and effortless resharpening makes the XADR SLIM the ideal tool for anyone who values ​​efficiency and long-lasting sharpness of their knives. Whether you are on the go or at home, the XADR SLIM ensures that your blades are always ready for use and offer the best cutting performance.

  • Maintains the sharpness of your knife
  • Gentle on blades
  • Industrial ceramics that are 20x harder than steel
  • Fits in almost any trouser pocket

Difference to XADR ONE

The XADR SLIM sets new standards in terms of mobility and compactness, which clearly distinguishes it from the XADR ONE. Designed in the handy size of a ballpoint pen, the XADR SLIM fits easily into any pocket, making it the perfect companion for on the go. Despite its slim design, it offers the same high-quality truing rod made of industrial ceramic as the XADR ONE. This ceramic ensures that your knives not only stay impressively sharp, but also protects the blades. The XADR SLIM cleverly combines mobility and first-class sharpening performance, so you never have to go without perfectly sharpened knives, even when you're on the go.

Dimensions & weight of the XADR Slim

With a slim diameter of just 14 mm and a feather-light weight of 65 g, this portable knife sharpener can be easily stored in any trouser or jacket pocket without ever becoming a burden. No matter where you are, this handy helper always ensures perfectly sharpened knives.

• Weight: 65 grams
• Diameter: approx. 14 mm
• Length closed: 140 mm
• Length attached: 248 mm

100 days right to return

Test the XADR ONE extensively and at your leisure. Returns or exchanges are no problem within 100 days.

Care instructions

The ceramic of the XADR can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Stubborn grinding residue can be easily removed with an eraser.

  • 100 days right to return
  • Sustainable goods
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FAQ about XADR

Which knives can be kept sharp with the XADR?

All knives that have a steel blade can be kept sharp with the XADR.

Which blade shapes can be kept sharp with the XADR?

In short, all of them. Whether it's a pocket knife, filleting knife, chef's knife, hunting knife or machete. Only serrated knives, such as bread knives, cannot be kept sharp with this because a specific sharpening process has to be used for them.

Can I keep Damascus knives sharp with the XADR?

But yes. The ceramic is 20 times harder than steel and is therefore also suitable for Damascus knives.

How long does the high-tech ceramic in the XADR last?

Due to its extremely high hardness, the ceramic will last for years if handled with care.

My knife is completely blunt. Can I sharpen it with the XADR?

That depends on how blunt your knife is. With a little more pressure on the ceramic, you can often still get it sharp. If that doesn't work, the knife needs to be sharpened again. Feel free to use my knife sharpening service for that.

Who is the XADR suitable for?

In short, for everyone who loves their knife and wants to keep it sharp for a long time. The XADR ONE gives you the opportunity to develop your appearance, while the XADR Slim fits even better in your pocket. For hunters, bushcrafters, campers and cooking enthusiasts, both XADRs are the perfect choice for keeping your knife sharp for a long time.

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