Collection: Necklaces made of 925 sterling silver

Perfectly, imperfectly crafted silver chains, fantastically beautiful. Necklaces with and without pendants that accompany you throughout your life. Created with love from 925 sterling silver. 100% handmade.

What exactly is 925 Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, mostly copper. This combination makes it durable and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for jewelry.

What does it mean when a necklace is handmade?

A handmade necklace is individually crafted by an artisan, which gives each piece a unique touch and often a higher quality. At SCHMAAL.Workshop, all necklaces are made with the utmost care. Because they are handmade, each piece is unique.

Can sterling silver tarnish?

Oh yes. Sulfur-containing compounds in the air cause silver to turn dark and oxidize. In many cases, this is actually desired, as I also make artificially oxidized necklaces.

Can I prevent tarnishing? How do I care for silver jewelry?

Clean your necklace regularly with a silver cleaning cloth to prevent tarnishing. There are other methods to make silver shiny again, see my article on cleaning jewelry. You can also store the necklaces in an airtight bag when you are not wearing them.

Can I wear the necklace in water and while doing sports?

Many people say you should take the necklace off beforehand. That's certainly a good idea if you never want anything to come into contact with it. But I don't really know anyone who does that. In my opinion, it's not really necessary. The necklace might tarnish a little. But it will clean itself again when you shower. Or, in the worst case, you have to take care of it and clean it. For me, changing the necklace is part of that.

How do I preserve the shine of my silver necklace?

Regular cleaning and wearing of the necklace will help maintain its shine. Store it in an airtight container when not wearing it.

How do I keep my handmade sterling silver necklace safe while traveling?

Use a jewelry case or soft pouch to protect the necklace from scratches and tarnishing.

What are the benefits of a handmade sterling silver necklace?

You will receive a unique, high-quality piece of jewelry that has been crafted with special care and attention to detail.

Why is handmade jewelry often more expensive?

Handmade jewelry is often more expensive because it is individually made and requires special care and craftsmanship. Quality rather than quantity is the motto here. All necklaces are made by me in Germany and are artistically unique pieces. Cheap jewelry is mass-produced by machines in countries where there is exploitation and low wages.