Collection: Unique rings, handmade from 925 sterling silver

Silver rings can be worn for any occasion. Every day and anytime is also a great occasion. Whether signet rings or band rings, they look great and make you feel good. The rings at SCHMAAL are handmade pieces of jewelry that stand out because of their uniqueness.

Why should I choose a ring made of 925 sterling silver?

925 sterling silver is durable, hypoallergenic and has a timeless style that suits any occasion.

Why should I buy a ring from SCHMAAL?

You just can't get it anywhere else. I make unique rings from 925 sterling silver.

What exactly is 925 Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, mostly copper. This combination makes it durable and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for jewelry.

Can sterling silver tarnish?

Oh yes. Sulfur compounds in the air cause silver to turn dark and oxidize. In many cases, this is actually desired, as I also make artificially oxidized necklaces.

Can I prevent tarnishing? How do I care for my silver ring?

Clean your ring regularly with a silver cleaning cloth to prevent tarnishing. There are also other methods to make silver shiny again, see my article on cleaning jewelry. You can also store the jewelry in an airtight bag when you are not wearing it.

Can I wear my ring while swimming?

Officially it says: It is better to take off the silver ring when swimming or showering to avoid contact with chlorine or salt water, as this can damage the silver. I say I would be more concerned about losing it when swimming and that is why I would take it off.

How do I find out the right size for my ring?

You can determine your ring size using a tape measure, for example. I have described the different procedures in the article Determining Ring Size .

What do I do if my ring is too tight or too loose?

You can have your silver ring made wider or narrower by a jeweler near you. You can also send me a request to change the width and I will get back to you.

Can I wear my ring while exercising?

But of course it is possible. Personally, I don't like it that much and it can happen that you get scratches.

Are sterling silver rings sensitive to scratches?

925 sterling silver is durable but relatively soft and therefore scratches can occur. Avoid contact with hard surfaces to prevent scratches.