How do I find out the right bracelet size?

Here are a few tips from me for finding the right size for bracelets and bangles.

using one

Tape measure

Grab a tape measure and place it around the thickest part of your wrist. This is usually where the bone sits. It must fit exactly, but not cut too tightly into the skin. You don't need to count on an extra, because I make the bracelets and bangles with enough "air" for them to be comfortable to wear.

Armreif aus Sterling Silber, grob geschmiedet und gehämmert mit Totenkopf und Krone am Handgelenk

life hack

String method

If you don't have a tape measure handy, just take a piece of string, tape or paper and
wrap it around your hand like a tape measure.

Mark the spot and measure the length in cm with a ruler.

Extra tip: There is a ruler in every iPhone.