How do I find out the correct ring size?

Here are a few tips from me to find out the right ring size.

Siegelring aus Sterling Silber, massiv, Statement, handgemacht

Temperature differences depending on

Time of day

Due to cold or heat, your fingers are either smaller or larger in circumference. Slight water retention that increases over the course of the day also causes slight swelling. That's why it's best to measure in the evening. Then the ring cannot be too small.


left and right hand

Your fingers are normally completely different on your left and right hands. Therefore, please measure exactly on the finger where you want to wear the ring.

let me help you

Have the ring size measured

Almost every jeweler offers to measure your ring size quickly and free of charge. Just go and ask.

Ringsizer - ein Ringgrößenmesser am Finger

measure the ring size yourself

Ring sizer

With the ring sizer you can measure your ring size yourself. It's super easy, costs little and you can use it multiple times.

Order ring sizer

Interesting information about ring sizes

The average ring size for women is size 54 on the ring finger and size 58 on the middle finger.

The average ring size for men is size 59 on the ring finger and size 63 on the middle finger.