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#206 - Kitchen knife Takeshi 002 - Japanese Bunka chef's knife

#206 - Kitchen knife Takeshi 002 - Japanese Bunka chef's knife

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A top-class kitchen knife.

Carbon steel meets desert ironwood and hornbeam. Ground from carbon steel, it keeps its sharpness for a long time and with appropriate care, the knife will last your entire life.

The Takeshi series is my first mini-series production. This is knife number 002 from the series. Nevertheless, each knife is slightly different and therefore unique.

All handwork. Small bumps are absolutely part of it.

Please note: A good chef's knife does not belong in the dishwasher. Please maintain and sharpen regularly so that there are no large chips in the area of ​​the thinly ground cutting edge.

Care tips

A knife made of carbon steel is not rust-proof and should therefore be wiped and, above all, dried after use. It doesn't hurt to rub the knife with a little oil. You can use commercially available cooking oil for this. However, an oil that does not go rancid. So olive oil is rather unsuitable. Rapeseed and sunflower are ok. Linseed oil is even better. This can protect the blade and handle from moisture. Beeswax is also ideal.

Overall length: 31cm
Blade length: 18cm
Blade height: 5cm
Steel: Carbon steel 1.2842
rust-free/rust-resistant: no
Handle material: Desert ironwood and hornbeam
  • Handarbeit aus Leidenschaft
  • Nachhaltige Ware
  • Versandkostenfrei in Deutschland
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