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#301 - FinLando - knife - unique

#301 - FinLando - knife - unique

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The epitome of an outdoor knife.

FinLando is the symbiosis of Finland, where such types of knives are popular, and Lando Calrissian, the Star Wars character, who would wear this knife well.

The blade forged from carbon steel. Caution! Not rustproof!

Inserted, with a brass fitting, into the handle molded from stabilized Karelian curly birch.

All handmade. Small bumps are therefore absolutely part of it.

Total length: 19 cm

Blade length: 7.6 cm

You can purchase the knife with or without a leather sheath.

care tips

A knife made of carbon steel is not rustproof and should therefore be wiped off and, above all, dried after use. It doesn't hurt to rub the knife with a little oil. You can use standard cooking oil for this. However, an oil that does not go rancid. So olive oil is rather unsuitable. Canola and sunflower is ok. Linseed oil is even better. This protects the blade and handle from moisture.

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